Isar Log Rafting Tours
an unforgettable experience!


DER Touristik & Incentive München offers perfectly organized raft trips in the heart of Bavaria. In Bavaria, log rafting on the river Isar has a long tradition. Originally, it was a way to transport bulky goods, but now it is a fun activity popular with both young and old. The rafters’ knowledge was passed on from generation to generation. Join them on a fun raft trip and experience a day you won’t forget!
With DER Touristik & Incentive München, you can make reservations for companies, organizations or individuals. Choose to take part in one of our raft trips, and you’re in for a great day out on an ethnic log raft, with draft beer, a traditional Bavarian breakfast, Bavarian music and lots of fun!
Are you planning to spend some eventful days in Munich and the area? We are happy to advise you on the supporting program for your group. Options range from city tours and bike tours to carriage rides and other incentives.