Route & Itinerary

Route Isarflossfahrt von Wolfratshausen nach München


Departure at 08.45 am from Munich/Thalkirchen to Wolfratshausen. Here, about 20 miles south of Munich, you are now in for a very special treat. The brass band that will entertain you during the day is already waiting for you on the raft.

The log raft is loaded up, and the band starts to play, creating a breezy and relaxed atmosphere. Soon the raft casts off, and everybody cheers when the rafter resounds the famous call “O’zapft is” (’barrel is breached’). You can now experience Bavarian ‘Gemütlichkeit’, with draft beer and typical Bavarian “Leberkäs” (meat loaf), rolls and pretzels.

While the raft glides along on the Rivers Loisach and Isar, make sure you make the best of the wonderful scenery. Feast your eyes on the idyllic landscape! Wherever possible, we use the natural riverbed, but in some places we have to take the canal.

After 2,5 to 3 hours, you arrive in “Mühltal”, where you stop at the Beer Garden for a typical Bavarian midday meal, ‘Schweinebraten mit Knödel’ (roast pork with potato dumplings). If the weather is bad, the meal is served in a traditional Bavarian restaurant.

Stretch your legs a little and watch other rafts berth or slide down the first raft slide.

After a break of 1 to 1,5 hours you continue your trip, the raft soon meets the first out of three Raft Slides. The first raft lane near Mühltal is the biggest in Europe. It is 365 m long, and the difference in altitude is 18 m. A real highlight, with lots of fun and splashing and spraying!

Soon afterward, you pass the second slide in Baierbrunn, with a difference in altitude of 9 m. But there is more to come: another 11 m near Pullach!

After Mühltal you encounter the Georgenstein, a 9 m rock right in the middle of the riverbed. Depending on the water level, steering past this rock can be really hard work for the rafter and his crew.

You are now approaching Munich, passing by Burg Schwaneck (Schwaneck Castle), now a youth hostel, and the privately owned Burg Grünwald. When you catch sight of the big iron railway bridge at Großhesselohe, the raft trip draws to its end.

At about 16.00/16.30 pm, you arrive at the landing area in Thalkirchen.